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Innovate Salone – Let youth themselves address their own challenges.

In 2012 Global Minimum hosted “Innovate Salone”, a first of its kind innovation competition in Sierra Leone. The aim was to provide a platform for young talented individuals to come up with solutions to pressing challenges within their own communities. GMin had previously worked with Malaria Eradication and IT educating to rural children by piloting a One-Laptop-Per-Child (OLPC) deployment. Primarily through the work with OLPC, the GMin team discovered an enormous amount of dormant innovative potential in the young minds of Sierra Leone.

Inspired by idea competitions in other countries such as the MIT IDEAS Challenges, and the Danish idea competition Venture Cup, GMin launched Innovate Salone as a pilot project in early 2012.

Through commercials on the radio and individual school visits done by local GMin staff the invitation to submit applications was sent to a large number of Sierra Leonean senior secondary schools.

When the deadline for submitting applications closed GMin had recieved more than 70 applications from teams consisting of more than 300 students, strongly confirming that there was a big demand for a platform that enabled the youths to identify solutions to their own local pressing challenges.

After having each application review by a panel of judges consisting of a mix of local and international experts 8 finalists were picked and received up to USD $500 to develop a prototype of their idea.

Two months later the teams who had shown significant progress with their prototype received up to an additional USD $1000 to finalize their idea. More information about the finalist including their original applications can be found on

Kelvin Doe takes Innovate Salone Viral.

One of the finalists, Kelvin Doe, built a FM Radio Station to give a voice to his community. Due to his innovate idea he as invited to visit GMin’s President David Sengeh at MIT in Boston. THNKR made a short documentary of his trip to the US which has been seen over 4 Million times on youtube and spurred an international media storm, with mentions on CNN, BBC Radio, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, ABCnews, Le Figaro, NBC News, and many more.
You can see the video of Kelvins Doe’s visit to NYC here:

Due to the large success of Innovate Salone GMin decided to continue the project and are now in the process of deploying Innovate Salone ’13.

Innovate Kenya

After proving the concept with sparse resources in Sierra Leone, the team behind Innovate Kenya aims to mimic the success and provide the same opportunity to the young talented minds of Kenya.

The Kenyan youth has enormous potential to identify innovative and brilliant solutions to many of the challenges their face in their daily lives. Innovate Kenya will provide a platform that enables young innovate minds to explore their potential and come up with their own solutions to their own problems.





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The Team

These are some of the people that work tirelessly on the ground in Kenya to make Innovate Kenya ’14 come true. In addition we work together with a long list of internationally based colleagues, mentors and supporters – who help out on all aspects of Innovate Kenya. Founders: Jacob Lennheden Francis Meyo    

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What is GMin?

More info can be found on Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2006 by friends from Sierra Leone and Denmark who went to high school in Norway. GMin’s main focus has been to enable locals who create and implement their own solutions to local issues. This drive to help …

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What is Innovate Kenya?

Innovate Kenya is about the Now and the Future of Kenya. We are challenging young people to think about creative ways in which they can solve some of the most challenging issues within their communities. By empowering students with the creative freedom to design their future, we lay the bedrock for national development. We do …

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