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What is Innovate Kenya?

Innovate Kenya is about the Now and the Future of Kenya. We are challenging young people to think about creative ways in which they can solve some of the most challenging issues within their communities.

By empowering students with the creative freedom to design their future, we lay the bedrock for national development. We do this in three ways:

  1. Establish a Platform for Creation through a Competition
  2. Host Innovation-workshops at the respective schools.
  3. Provide Mentorship for Youth
  4. Support the Network of Young Makers


1) The Innovate Kenya Competition is looking to create a system where any young student in Kenya can dream of an idea, and we provide the platform where these students can make those dreams happen. More specifically, we aim to identify and support local innovative solutions to issues within the fields of Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering in Kenya. Up to $1,000 can be won by teams of students to build their solutions.

2) Innovation Workshops (Hackathons) at the respective schools will serve as the starting point for the Innovate Kenya Competition. A hackathon is ½ to a 1-day workshop that engages students to brainstorm critically about solutions in their own communities and come up with innovative solutions to these problems. The students will learn about past winners and get mentorship and advice on how to submit their ideas to the Innovate Kenya Challenge.

3) GMin will provide guaranteed mentorship (from professionals at Harvard, MIT, Investment Funds, Kenyan Companies, etc) to the teams that apply.

  • All teams that apply will be given detailed feedback about their proposals.
  • Up to 50 teams will be selected by an internationally acclaimed panel of judges to receive up to KES 20,000 (US$ 250) each to produce a prototype of a solution to a well–‐defined local problem over a 2–3 month period.
  •  Finalists that show significant progress on their projects will be given up to additional KES 80,000 (US $1,000) to develop their ideas over the academic year and offered professional mentorship for the competition year.

4) A networking platform will be made available where innovative secondary students can connect with one another as they work on diverse types of projects.

Click here to learn more about the details of the challenge and how it works.


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