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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Innovate Kenya?

Innovate Kenya is a idea competition where any secondary student with a good idea to address a local problem, can get money, mentorship and support to bring that idea to life.

  • Who can participate?

Any student currently enrolled in a secondary school in Kenya. Students must form teams of 3-5 people.

  • What is the mission of Innovate Kenya?

- Innovate Kenya’s mission is to provide a platform to ignite creative thinking, to nurture learning through making, to encourage entrepreneurship in young people; So that they become leaders that identify both local and global challenges, and gather the resources available to implement innovative solutions that are sharable and scalable.

  • How do I/Students apply?

Students must form teams of 3-5 people. Identify a local challenge. Come up with a solution and fill out the application form. Students must also be nominated by their school or receive en official letter of endorsement from the principal.

  • When is the deadline?

The deadline for Innovate Kenya ‘13 is the 22nd of May.This is the last day we accept submissions.

  • Can we submit after the deadline?

No. The deadline is final. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Does it cost money to enter?

No. Participating in Innovate Kenya is completely free.

  • How much money can I apply for?

Finalists can get UP TO  USD $500 to produce a prototype and up to a further  USD$1000, if the prototype is approved.

  • Can more than one team per school apply?

Yes, up to 3 teams per school can apply. If more teams apply (with endorsements from the principal) we will only judge the 3 first.

  • Does my solution have to be tech?

Not at all, but if they are its okay. All proposals are accepted as long as they address a local problem.

  • What kinds of projects can be submitted?

Students can submit any idea or project of their choice, so long as it addresses a problem in their local community.

  • Can people enter as individuals?

          No. Students can only enter as teams of 3-5 people.

  • Do I need a letter from the principal?

Yes, in order to participate in Innovate Kenya you need be nominated by your school, by getting an official letter of endorsement from your principal.

  • Where can I get help from for my project or idea?

A lot of places:-) Talk to your friends, teachers, family and ask them for help. You are also always welcome to e-mail, mail or call us at Innovate Kenya and we’ll put you in touch with some of our excellent mentors and supervisors who will help your team make your application better.

  • Can you start a business?

You most definitely can!. So long as the proposal address some sort of local problem – business proposals are very welcome!

  •  How are winners selected?

Winners are selected through an extensive judging process were a long list of internationally acclaimed experts rank all the applications based on social impact, feasibility and innovation.

  • When do you announce the winners?

We announce the finalists the 3rd of June. If the finalists produce good prototypes they will be announced as winners in the end of august.

  • Who are the judges?

The judges consist of a wide range of experts, mentors, community leaders and role models. Included are Harvard professors, Kenyan top-10 musicians, CEO’s, politicians etc.

  • How do you judge projects?

         Projects will be judged based on 3 criteria, equally weighted. Feasibility, social impact and innovation.

  •  What is the timeline?

The timeline can (also) be found on our website.
- Application Deadline: May 22nd.
- Announce finalist: June 9th.
- Celebration of young inventors weekend Camp for Finalists: June 21st-23rd.
- Finalist camp in Ghana for 2 individuals July 2nd –21st.
- Summer Innovation Camp for Finalists: Mid August (To be confirmed).

  • Where else is this happening?

This year Global Minimum is also running Innovate Salone ( in Sierra Leone) and Innovate the Cape (Cape Town, South Africa).

  • Who is sponsoring it?

Innovate Kenya is funded by the Aall Foundation as well as Global Minimum, which in turn is funded by a wide range of individuals and foundations.

  • Who is behind Innovate Kenya?

Innovate Kenya is hosted by Global Minimum, an international organization that works with youth empowerment. Read more on In addition a lot of Kenyan companies, individuals and organizations are helping out to make this happen.

  • What happens if I win?

Before a team “wins” they will be selected as finalists. Finalists will be invited two summer camps, receive $500 towards producing a prototype of their idea – and will also receive extensive mentorship to help them improve their idea.

  • What are the summer camps?

Two weekend camps take place during the summer. The first camp “Celebration of young Inventors” takes place at the end of June and kicks off the prototyping period.  The second camp “The Summer Innovation Camp” takes place at the end of August – and this is where the finalists showcase their prototypes and receive additional funding if the board of judges approves the prototypes.

  • How can I get in touch and learn more?

Shot us an e-mail at or write to us on our Facebook page:


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