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Paraffin Pressure Cooker

School: St. Elizabeth Academy Girls High school, Karen

Category: Energy

Challenge: Paraffin (Kerosene) is a widely used fuel for cooking in Kenya. It’s however expensive, has a low burning temperature and emits a lot of toxic fumes.

Solution: To address this the girls from St. Elizabeth has produced a Paraffin Pressure Cooker, in which additional air is added to the burning process with a foot-pump. This ingenious invention increases the combustion rate of the fuel, causing a warmer flame as well as decreasing the toxic fumes!

15 Paraffin Pressure Cookers have already been ordered, as well as a special Paraffin Pressure Cooker for making chapati at the school.


Paraffin Cooker - presentation Paraffin Cooker - presentation 2


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