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The Challenge

Identify a local problem and think up a local solution

The Innovate Kenya competition is looking to identify and support innovative solutions to issues within the fields of Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering in Kenya.

The innovation challenge will encourage and help Kenyan students create prototypes of their solutions while providing them with capital, mentorship and other resources during the process.

We are not only interested in solutions to big problems. Important change can happen on a small scale, and even the biggest projects begin with small steps. The most important change a country can achieve—something the Innovate Kenya project looks to inspire—is towards a creative and innovative mentality. Innovate Kenya is about doing just that.

How it works

Any Secondary School in Kenya can nominate teams of 3–5 students as participants for the Innovate Kenya competition. Up to 50 teams will be selected by an internationally acclaimed panel of judges to receive up to KES 20,000 each to produce a prototype of a solution to a well–‐defined local problem over a 2–3 month period. Teams will need to provide details of how the prototype will be developed and why they are well suited to accomplish the project. At the end of the competition cycle, all finalist teams may be selected as winners, if sufficient progress has been made on the prototype.

Each winning team will receive up to KES 100,000 to further develop their prototype. Funds can be used towards buying materials and machining costs. The award price is not meant for personal use of team members and must be used only for the project.

* Schools can submit as many proposals as they want for the competition

Check out our history page to learn more about GMin’s past achievements or check out the deadlines if you, or someone you know are thinking of applying.

And check out APPLY HERE to find the the rules, requirements and application form.


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Rules & Requirements

Tapping Into the Minds of Kenya’s Youth To apply, each Secondary School must send by email a recommendation letter supporting up to two teams to Attached to the recommendation letters must be a list of team members, a list of advisers, and one proposal per team. Teams can submit applications by 15th March 2013 …

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