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Rules & Requirements

Tapping Into the Minds of Kenya’s Youth

To apply, each Secondary School must send by email a recommendation letter supporting up to two teams to innovate@innovatekenya.org. Attached to the recommendation letters must be a list of team members, a list of advisers, and one proposal per team. Teams can submit applications by 15th March 2013 to receive feedback.

The deadline to submit a proposal by email is May 15th, 2012, 12noon. Apply Today! (Late entries will not be considered.)

Proposal Requirements

  1. Contact Information: Provide each team member’s name, your school’s name, address and detailed contact information
  2. Introduction: A brief overview of your project
  3. Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve through this innovation?
  4. Problem Motivation: Why is this problem important to you?
  5. Proposed Solution: How are you planning on fixing this problem? And is it scalable?
  6. Detailed Budget: What would the costs be to completing your project?
  7. Plan of Action: What steps are you planning on taking to make this project a reality?

Official Rules

  1. Innovation solutions must attempt to tackle problems in the fields of Health, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Telecommunications, Civic Media, and Engineering.
  2. Teams should consist of 3-5 students in ANY secondary school.
  3. Teams must submit their proposals through the Innovate Kenya representative at your secondary school.
  4. Project proposal must be in English.

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