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Innovate Kenya – What’s Your Solution?


Innovate Kenya is a nation-wide innovation challenge that enables young Kenyans to identify and address pressing issues within their own communities. The challenge is open for ALL SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS across the country, from which up to 20 winners will be selected in a wide range of categories. Winning teams, will be invited to INNOVATION CAMPS,  receive MENTORSHIP and get up to KES 100.000 to carry out their projects.

Application deadline is APRIL 25th, 2014. Click here to learn more and how to apply.

Innovate Kenya Ambassadors:

This is the biggest and greatest initiative that has ever come to our countryFrasha (P-Unit)

“…gone are the days when we are waiting for people to come and help us…” - Eric Wainaina

“...its about me joining all the other young people in this country to Innovate Kenya.. - Juliani

By fostering a generation of solvers and makers we are helping laying the bedrock for Kenyan development!

- Let the Innovation begin.  Whats your Solution?


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GreenChar - bags

GreenChar – bridging the gap to the future in renewable energy.

Tom Osborn and his team are remarkable individuals. With an innovative way of turning agricultural waste into clean household fuels and a visionary plan for how to realise their project, Tom’s team, GreenChar, was one of the winners of Innovate Kenya ’13. In June 2014, Tom – at the age of 18 – was selected …

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Innovate Kenya ’13: Camp #2

The second Innovate Kenya camp was held in Nairobi at St. Elizabeth Academy on the 9th – 11th September, with participation of all the ten teams. The main focus at the camp, was the presentations of each teams prototype, as well as the question: “What comes next?”. All the teams successfully presented their final prototypes to …

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Innovate Kenya Demo Day Streamed Live!

Saturday the 10th of August at 1.30pm (EAT) the finalist from Innovate Kenya will be presenting their innovative solutions to pressing challenges in their own communities. They represent a new generation of innovators, hackers and problems solvers, who will not wait around for others to address their challenges, but will seize the moment themselves and …

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Innovate Kenya hosts Inargual Finalist Camp

More than 100 students, teachers and mentors were gathered at Maseno High School as Innovate Kenya hosted their first ever Innovate Kenya Camp. It’s been a few fantastic and inspiring weeks for Innovate Kenya. The weekend from the 21st-23rd of June all ten finalist teams of Innovate Kenya attended the Innovate Kenya camp. The camp …

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